Welcome to Copenhagen

The Joint European Thermodynamics Conference celebrates its 10th anniversary. On behalf of the JETC 10 organization I would like to welcome you to Copenhagen 22–24 June 2009.

My intention for the conference is twofold, to provide a meeting ground for thermodynamicists from all of Europe and surroundings, and to show that thermodynamics is far from being a complete polished subject, useful only as a tool to evaluate chemical and thermal processes. On the contrary, thermodynamics is vibrant with new ideas and methods, receiving inspiration from other fields of science as well as providing inspiration to such other fields, e.g. general optimization theory, fluid dynamics, and ecological modeling.

All kinds of thermodynamics are welcome at the conference.

If this entices you, please proceed to the registration page.

The winner of The Ilya Prigogine Prize of Thermodynamics is David Andrieux.

Bjarne Andresen

Post conference content

JETC 11 in Chemnitz 2011.

Some pictures from JETC 10.

All abstracts collected in a single file (13 MB / 250 pages), alphabetized after the first author.

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